On-Demand: Lean Manufacturing Through Automated Mass Customization

December 11, 2020

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Leading manufacturers are already utilizing AI and IoT technologies to create a “digital thread” that connects data and systems, so design, manufacturing, and inspections stages all flow and feed back into each other. Automating CAM & Inspection improves operational efficiency, sustainability, product performance, and quality along the way, decreasing the cost of mass customization, and providing unique solution for customers at lower costs.

Primary Topics:

  • How digitization transforms manufacturing
  • How customers are winning with Autodesk manufacturing today
  • The power of a digital twin
  • Overcoming machining workflow challenges



James Slater

Senior Manager, Global Manufacturing; Autodesk

James joined Autodesk in 2011 and has since held a variety of roles that involved working with customers and the sales teams globally. Before joining Autodesk, James worked in manufacturing for 23 years which included large engineering groups through to small businesses. This included establishing what is believed to be the World’s smallest company to supply aerospace components. James continues to work with customers to develop leadership in design and manufacturing.