Turning to New Heights

April 25

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Manufacturing companies continue to see tolerances tightening up on part prints causing difficulties in their shop. To meet the tolerance requirements, shops often change from traditional turning operations to processes that are more complicated and expensive. In this presentation, we will try to educate you on how technological and design advances have allowed turning machines to achieve tolerances and specifications that were once considered unachievable. Do not limit your shops capability and flexibility by not being educated on the evolution of today’s turning equipment. The right turning center can take your turning to new heights! 

Primary Topics: 
- Profile tolerance capability 
- Roundness and cylindricity capability 
- Small step test results 
- Machine rigidity & design requirements to achieve precision 

Presenter: Bill Clark 
With 30+ years at Hardinge Bill Clark has become an engineering and application expert. Since beginning his career in Hardinge's heat treat department Bill has held various positions including manufacturing, assembly, customer training, applications and research engineering. With extensive knowledge for applications and gauging metrology Bill has become the point person on many of the SUPER-PRECISION® projects that Hardinge takes on.