Advanced Sensor Strategies

May 21, 2020

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The CMM laser probe attach on the robotic arm measuring the car part.Hi technology automotive manufacturing process.

Sensors have huge benefits in manufacturing operations if they're deployed effectively. Not only can they assure smoother running operations, but they can also help assure product quality through error-proofing functionality.

Primary Topics:

  • What the latest in sensors are
  • How today's sensors are different than those of the past
  • What benefits they can provide in production


Jim Gilbert
Market Product Manager, Photoelectric Sensors; SICK, Inc.
Jim Gilbert is the Strategic Product Manager for photoelectric sensors at SICK. He is a sales leader with 20 years of success in delivering customer-focused solutions for machinery OEM and industrial users. He has been with SICK since 2013 and applies his knowledge and experience in industrial automation, motion controls and sensing solutions to assist customers in finding the right solution for their needs.

Steve Plumb
Senior Editor, AutoBeat
An award-winning journalist, AutoBeat Senior Editor Steve Plumb has covered every aspect of the global auto industry during his 25-year-plus career. He rejoined the AutoBeat team in 2015, providing his unique perspective and in-depth industry knowledge on emerging technologies, supplier trends and new mobility services.

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