Tips and Tricks to Solve Your Cutting Tool Pains: Learn to Increase Performance by 500%

September 01, 2020

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Advances in cutting tools and CAD/CAM systems are pushing the boundaries of engineering and manufacturing. However, many are not using the new technologies synergistically to achieve impressive 500% gains in metal removal rates. RobbJack will examine new cutting technologies and strategies that solve many of the difficulties experienced machining of aluminum, titanium, and difficult alloys.

Primary Topics:

  • New cutter geometries that solve many machining pains
  • Tips and tricks for programming
  • Learn how to cut thin-walled parts with ease without chatter
  • Easy way to get data and best tool for your parts

Mike MacArthur
VP of Engineering, RobbJack
Mike MacArthur has worked for RobbJack for 25 years. He started as a tool grinder and eventually held just about every position available, including an extended period as applications engineer. Today, as vice president of engineering, Mike leads RobbJack's research and development efforts as well as technical sales and customer support. He is actively involved in developing new tools and processes for aerospace, medical, and machining applications.