Top 5 3D Printing Applications for the Machine Shop

March 05

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CNCs, waterjets, and lasers have been the backbone of machine shop technology for decades. But in the last few years, 3D printers have been gaining floor space in more and more shops around the world. We’ll be talking about why today’s shops should be giving a serious look at in-house 3D printers for both operational and customer applications.

Register today and learn about 5 machine shop applications for in-house 3D printing that can have an immediate impact on your shop’s output and bottom line.

Primary Topics:

  • Additive technologies vs. Subtractive technologies
  • 5 3D printing applications for machine shops
  • Maximizing shop ROI through 3D printer use
  • 3D printing materials for different applications


Dave Veisz
Vice President, MakerBot
Dave Veisz is a manufacturing engineering veteran with over 15 years of experience and degrees in both Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering. His background in manufacturing includes CNC machining, tool and machine design, factory layout and optimization and operations management for a fire protection company. This skillset uniquely positioned him to lead manufacturing operations at MakerBot.

Ryan Singler
Sales Enablement Manager, MakerBot
As the Sales Enablement Manager of MakerBot, Ryan Singler develops comprehensive training programs and curricula to highlight the value and applications of 3D printing in the manufacturing industry. With a BA in Mechanical Engineering, Singler started his career as a Quality Analysis Engineer with Honda of America Manufacturing, where he used 3D printing extensively in both quality analysis and new model development.

Shawn Miely
Segment Marketing Manager, MakerBot
As the Professional Segment Manager of MakerBot, Shawn Miely delivers the vision of MakerBot's cutting-edge professional products to engineers with advanced product design and manufacturing applications. Miely has nearly a decade of experience in the 3D printing and additive manufacturing industry.