Leveraging Data-Driven Manufacturing for greater efficiency and profitability – what every manufacturer needs to know about IIoT

March 22, 2017 |

CEOs want it. CFOs demand it. But everyone responsible for deploying Data-Driven Manufacturing on the shop floor needs a roadmap. MEMEX makes Data-Driven Manufacturing happen every day for family-run innovators like Homeyer Precision Manufacturing right up to multinationals like Mazak. The company's proven IIoT platform approach dispenses with long, scary systems integration projects to quickly connect not some, but all machines. No machine is left behind. No operator is out of the loop. And every shop floor manager can see, share, collect, analyze and act on OEE and a multitude of other productivity metrics. 

Primary topics: 

• How to easily connect both legacy and newer machines 
• Shop-floor-to-top-floor dashboarding and team sharing of real-time data 
• Making bi-directional ERP connections for one version of the truth 
• Managing expectations and change management to create ongoing improvement