Data-Driven Manufacturing: Bringing operational and business advantages to your factory floor

October 04

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Data-Driven Manufacturing has proven itself to be a technology solution that delivers real benefits, independent research and customer reports all indicate that there are provable and measurable advantages to implementing a Data-Driven Manufacturing solution. 
Data-Driven Manufacturing, involves the capture and collection of real-time machine data and the transformation of that data into useful, readable business and operational information that enables employees to do their jobs better, and increase key production metrics including quality output, throughput and availability. 
While Data-Driven Manufacturing solutions are optional now, studies indicate they will soon become the industry-standard way of managing plant activity. 

Primary Topics: 
• Understand why Data-Driven Manufacturing is the right choice for your business 
• Hear why leading manufacturers depend on Data-Driven Manufacturing 
• Realize how easy it is to implement a Data-Driven Manufacturing solution 
• Comprehend how investments in Data-Driven Manufacturing return positive bottom-line results 

Presenter: John Rattray 
John Rattray is the Senior Vice President, Business Development and Marketing of MEMEX Inc. With 35 years of experience in the manufacturing, software and automation industry, and nine years at MEMEX, John is one of the pioneers who led the data-driven manufacturing revolution. 
He has helped shape the MERLIN smart manufacturing packaged tool-kit to its current status as a globally recognized, award-winning IIoT communications platform. John has also been intimately involved in championing the MTConnect machine connectivity standard now used by MEMEX to ensure that every machine, old or new, can take advantage of innovations in connectivity, efficiency and profitability.