Impact on production time savings through consistent tool set-ups outside of the machine

September 17

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While many pay attention to the cost of their machining time, very few are really focusing on the potential production increases that could be gained through consistent tool set-ups.  In this Webinar, we will show how the hidden costs of inconsistent  or incomplete tool set-ups could hamper the potential productivity on the show floor.  We will also offer examples of solutions that maximize productivity.

Primary Topics:
• Modern tool holding techniques
• Introduction to shrink fit technology
• How balanced tooling can help maximize productivity
• Effects of tool presetting and tool management in relationship to i4.0


Steve Baier
Vice President of Sales, Haimer USA
Steve Baier is the Vice President of Sales of Haimer USA. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Baier oversees the expansion of sales for an organization that imports, sells, and services the entire line of HAIMER tool holding, tool balancing, shrink fit, tool presetting and sensor products in North America. At HAIMER’s North American Headquarters in Villa Park, Ill., Baier hosts and trains distributors on HAIMER products and services so they can represent the HAIMER brand according to the philosophy: Quality Wins.