Top 5 New CAD/PLM Technologies That Will Cut Your Engineering Time In Half

April 17

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Time to market has never been more critical. CAD and PLM technologies enable tremendous productivity, yet every company faces CAD/PLM limitations and creates work-arounds. In this webinar, you will learn about five easy steps to improve workflow and reduce time to market. 

Primary Topics: 
• New plugins for software you already use 
• New software to consider 
• New features in common software 
• Software features you may not be using that you should be 

Presenter: Paul Powers 
Paul Powers co-founded Physna in 2015, creating patent-pending software designed to increase efficiency with CAD design, engineering design, and quality control. Physna technology can compare and analyze thousands of 3D models in seconds. 

He manages corporate direction and strategy at Physna, facilitating company activity in innovation, sales, consulting and marketing alliances. Powers is experienced in creating tech companies designed to increase efficiency and sparking innovation. Powers is also the founder and CEO of Zoozler LLC, a Cincinnati based tech innovation firm assisting startups with business development and fundraising. 

In 2019, Powers was recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the brightest young entrepreneurs in the United States. Powers will participate in the Forbes Under 30 Summit in October with other young entrepreneurs, visionaries and disrupters across the country. 

Powers has presented on the TED Talk stage and at several tech startup conferences like StartUp Grind and Startup of the Year at SXSW.