The Machine Data Digital Thread: Driving Factory Floor Automations with Equipment Data

March 18, 2021

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This webinar will explore some of the top workflows that benefit manufacturers by creating automation on the factory floor—saving time, increasing productivity, and positively impacting capacity. The launch of MachineMetrics' Workflows is a remarkable step forward in enabling flexible actionability on this data. These workflows start with insights derived from machine monitoring data which act as triggers to automatically fire off actions—notifications, incidents, or webhooks. Workflows are all about communicating the right information to the right person at the right time. After all, the value realized by data is not just in the discovery of machine or process inefficiencies, but instead in enabling corrective/preventative action that, in the end, improves the operation of the machine.


  • Machine monitoring
  • Industrial automation
  • Predictive maintenance
  • ERP integration
  • OEE





Justin Garland

Justin Garland brings over a decade of experience delivering and implementing advanced machine tool technologies from some of the top OEM's in the industry. He leads the MM Sales team in all areas of technical operations.


Jacob Lauzier

Jacob Lauzier is an experienced UI designer and web application developer, having worked with Atalasoft and Vizit as a lead developer. He is responsible for product design and development for MachineMetrics.


Paul Richards

Paul Richards is a creative software engineer specializing in web development. Having led data acquisition and development for Bid Ocean, Inc., he’s currently focused on application development.


Cullen McLarty

Cullen McClarty uses his background as a Customer Success Manager to help customers with technical implementations of MachineMetrics and to leverage their data for custom projects.