Minimize Non-Production Setup by Automating Your Programming

April 12

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Autodesk FeatureCAM is automated CAM software that reduces programming time for a range of CNC machines, including CNC mills, turn-mills, Swiss-lathes and wire EDMS. The programming control inside FeatureCAM allow you to standardize and produce the results you want with libraries, configuration and attributes. 

Primary Topics: 
• How to streamline part programming by creating features and operations 
• Use stored features and processes to create re-occurring machining operations 
• Standardization of best practices to promote repeatability between projects and programmers 

Presenter: Chris Cole 
Chris comes to Autodesk through the Delcam acquisition, where he spent the previous seven years working with various Delcam products. His experience with FeatureCAM, however, goes back to 2001 and his years working for a FeatureCAM reseller. Chris is a graduate of Virginia Tech, and spent 12 years working in the machining industry before entering the CAD/CAM industry. He is based in central Virginia.