Learn How High QA 360 Enables Effective Communication with Your Manufacturing Quality Supply Chain

October 28, 2020 |

Seamless communication of all manufacturing and quality information improves collaboration, transparency, and well-structured relationships between suppliers and buyers.

One of the major challenges of outsourcing today is managing the quality of produced parts throughout the manufacturing supply chain. Due to current travel restrictions, in-person visits between buyers and suppliers is limited which delays the qualification of manufacturing and quality assurance processes.

Experience how High QA 360 software can help improve communication and collaboration between buyers and suppliers in the quality supply chain.



Primary Topics:

  • Eliminating interpretation errors in the quality manufacturing supply chain
  • Improving communication, collaboration, and relationships between suppliers and buyers
  • Gaining an understanding of the benefits of using a common language
  • Enhancing the productivity and efficiency in your quality supply chain


Sam Golan
Founder and CEO; High QA, Inc.
Sam Golan, Founder and CEO, has helped guide High QA from the entrepreneurial stage to the industry presence it is now. His expertise in business development, product positioning, market strategy and team building allow High QA to grow continuously. He has over 25 years of experience as an international executive and has founded, co-founded and managed five different companies within CAD/CAM, PLM, CRM and Knowledge Management.

Chris Mendicino
VP of Product; High QA, Inc.
Chris Mendicino has been working with Industrial Manufacturing technology for his entire professional career. He designed, sold, serviced, and supported various technologies such as CAD, CAM, DNC, OEE, IIOT, ERP and now Quality Management Systems in a wide variety of industries for companies both in the US and abroad. As the VP of Product for High QA, Inc., he is highly engaged with manufacturers worldwide to bring the voice of the customer to High QA’s product development process.