Data-Driven Manufacturing

Digital "Fingerprints" Put Twins in Perspective

Unique identifiers keep the digital thread intact through design, production and quality control.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Wires Make the World Wireless

Leveraging 5G requires infrastructure grounded in physical wiring and thinking grounded in practical application.


Simulation Gets Real

Capability to generate something close to a true digital twin can significantly improve confidence in CAM program prove-outs.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

What Makes Smart Robots Smart?

How manufacturing technology “thinks,” and the extent to which it should, are critical considerations in applying artificial intelligence intelligently.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

5 Best Practices for Manufacturing Cybersecurity

A Department of Defense (DoD) push to protect data by vetting suppliers more thoroughly illuminates how any CNC machining business can improve. 

Data-Driven Manufacturing

All Top Shops Are Winners

Standing out in one category is not enough to earn a spot among the highest-performing CNC machining businesses.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Talk About 5G Is No Idle Chatter

Near-real-time machining vibration compensation is just one advantage of the latest networking technology.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Machine Monitoring Circles Back to Basics

Deeper insights from more varied data are no replacement for manufacturing fundamentals. 

Data-Driven Manufacturing

CNC Data Feeds Make Social Distancing Easier

Machine monitoring helps work remotely, avoid close contact on the shop floor and prevent underbilling for lights-out machining.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Adding Part Traceability to CNC Machine Monitoring

Focusing on what makes money puts CNC machine monitoring data in context.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Can Sharing CNC Data Lift the Machining Industry?

Masses of anonymous metrics arrive ahead of even the leading economic indicators and help machine shops benchmark performance.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Robots Get Hand-Eye Coordination

Artificial vision, touch and intelligence help collaborative robots cope with the unpredictable.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Manufacturing Blockchain Adoption Accelerates

A recent partnership exposes more CNC machining businesses to a technology that could automate the front office.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Machine Monitoring Provides an Objective Lens

Automatic, real-time shopfloor data collection tempers the bias that blinds manufacturers to the real reasons for downtime.  

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Data-Driven Spirituality Provides Tangible Gains

Digital technology could help CNC machine shops put more heart and soul into their work.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

5 Benefits of Sourcing CNC Machining Work Online

Machine learning saves time, makes pricing fairer, inspires improvement initiatives, and even insulates manufacturing businesses against economic shocks.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

AI Demands Meaningful Metrics

Machine learning can identify patterns and trends faster than any human, but correlations are only as meaningful as the data driving the analysis. 

Data-Driven Manufacturing

3 Principles for Growing with Machine Monitoring Data

Following a few basic principles can help shops get a return on their machine monitoring systems without losing faith first.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Breaking SPC Limitations Without Breaking Rules

Machine learning helps prove the merit of statistical analysis techniques that do not require plotting CNC machining quality data on a bell curve.

Shop Management Software

ERP Helps Forward-Thinking Manufacturers Look Back

Enterprise-wide performance data and an understanding of which metrics matter form a foundation for the predictive analytics that characterize “smart” CNC machine shops.

Turning Machines

Data-Driven Manufacturing Scales Down

An automatic gaging station demonstrates the potential of shopfloor connectivity at the level of the individual machine tool.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

AI Makes Shop Networks Count

AI assistance in drawing insights from data could help CNC machine shops and additive manufacturing operations move beyond machine monitoring.    

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Collaborative Robots Learn to Collaborate

Accessible 3D vision unlocks the potential of machine learning for making our autonomous partners more humanlike.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Connect, Monitor and Be Prepared

Real-world applications chart a three-step course for CNC machining operations that have yet to realize the promise of data-driven manufacturing.

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