Data-Driven Manufacturing

What Makes Smart Robots Smart?

How manufacturing technology “thinks,” and the extent to which it should, are critical considerations in applying artificial intelligence intelligently.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Talk About 5G Is No Idle Chatter

Near-real-time machining vibration compensation is just one advantage of the latest networking technology.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

CNC Data Feeds Make Social Distancing Easier

Machine monitoring helps work remotely, avoid close contact on the shop floor and prevent underbilling for lights-out machining.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Adding Part Traceability to CNC Machine Monitoring

Focusing on what makes money puts CNC machine monitoring data in context.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Can Sharing CNC Data Lift the Machining Industry?

Masses of anonymous metrics arrive ahead of even the leading economic indicators and help machine shops benchmark performance.


Robots Get Hand-Eye Coordination

Artificial vision, touch and intelligence help collaborative robots cope with the unpredictable.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Manufacturing Blockchain Adoption Accelerates

A recent partnership exposes more CNC machining businesses to a technology that could automate the front office.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Machine Monitoring Provides an Objective Lens

Automatic, real-time shopfloor data collection tempers the bias that blinds manufacturers to the real reasons for downtime.  

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Data-Driven Spirituality Provides Tangible Gains

Digital technology could help CNC machine shops put more heart and soul into their work.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

5 Benefits of Sourcing CNC Machining Work Online

Machine learning saves time, makes pricing fairer, inspires improvement initiatives, and even insulates manufacturing businesses against economic shocks.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

AI Demands Meaningful Metrics

Machine learning can identify patterns and trends faster than any human, but correlations are only as meaningful as the data driving the analysis. 

Data-Driven Manufacturing

3 Principles for Growing with Machine Monitoring Data

Following a few basic principles can help shops get a return on their machine monitoring systems without losing faith first.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Breaking SPC Limitations Without Breaking Rules

Machine learning helps prove the merit of statistical analysis techniques that do not require plotting CNC machining quality data on a bell curve.

Shop Management Software

ERP Helps Forward-Thinking Manufacturers Look Back

Enterprise-wide performance data and an understanding of which metrics matter form a foundation for the predictive analytics that characterize “smart” CNC machine shops.

Turning Machines

Data-Driven Manufacturing Scales Down

An automatic gaging station demonstrates the potential of shopfloor connectivity at the level of the individual machine tool.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

AI Makes Shop Networks Count

AI assistance in drawing insights from data could help CNC machine shops and additive manufacturing operations move beyond machine monitoring.    

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Collaborative Robots Learn to Collaborate

Accessible 3D vision unlocks the potential of machine learning for making our autonomous partners more humanlike.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Connect, Monitor and Be Prepared

Real-world applications chart a three-step course for CNC machining operations that have yet to realize the promise of data-driven manufacturing.