Mastercam and Edge Factor Develop Three Free Career Programs

Mastercam will sponsor three of Edge Factor’s free 2021 Experiences, which aim to highlight the benefits of a manufacturing career to students and job seekers.


Edge Factor Partners with Haas Automation to Film Virtual Field Trip, Career Profile Videos

The videos are part of the media team’s broader STEM education efforts.

LaunchPoint: Adrenaline Junkie

Martin Edge is always looking for new ways to challenge himself.

LaunchPoint: Jazzy Artisan

Daniel Rodriguez merged his love for music with his passion for manufacturing.

Video: Who Is to Blame?

Answer: Maybe we all are or maybe no one is.

LaunchPoint: Hitting the Reset Button

Minnesota electrician Nathan Engstrom began again with a new career.

LaunchPoint: Get in Focus

Nicole Smith realizes her potential for success in manufacturing, and becomes focused on acquiring skills and launching her own manufacturing career.

LaunchPoint: Blasting Barriers

Through serious health concerns, Louis Maltese pursues a career in manufacturing.

LaunchPoint: Your Past Doesn’t Equal Your Future

Follow one manufacturing professional’s journey from Puerto Rico to New York.

Edge Factor Announces LaunchPoint TV Series

Creators say the series will tell the stories of manufacturing professionals, showing the paths they have taken to find rewarding manufacturing careers.

Innovate Faster with In-House Manufacturing

"The Edge Factor's" tour of judges recently visited Cane Creek Cycling Components to discuss the company's decision to bring previously outsourced machining work back in-house.


“Reality Redesigned” Visits Solidworks

Watch the first episode of "Reality Redesigned" presented by "The Edge Factor Show."


Cycle Efficiency

Automated machining processes enable this maker of high-performance mountain bike parts to manufacture efficiently with minimal staff.

Cutting Tools

How Center Rock Sees Setups

The company that made the rock drills used to free the Chilean miners last year is exploring the right level of multitask machining.

What We Hope to Show

Manufacturers do special, significant work that deserves to be seen. Enter "The Edge Factor."

Lights, Camera ... Cycle Start

A new show dramatically portrays real-life manufacturing and CNC machining. The pilot episode is now playing.

Video: What is The Edge Factor - Teaser

The Edge Factor is a show that will tell real stories of real CNC machining.

“Edge Factor” Takes Machining to the Mainstream—in 3D

Show focuses on real-life machining and manufacturing. See the 3D preview at IMTS.

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