Registration Is Open for Parts Cleaning Conference

Registration is open for the Parts Cleaning Conference, which is colocated with PMTS in Cleveland, Ohio, August 10-12.

Exair VariBlast Air Gun Provides Focused, Variable Force

Exair’s VariBlast Precision Safety Air Gun with Nano Super Air Nozzle offers a lightweight, durable, variable force solution for parts cleaning.

EXAIR 303SS Air Conveyors Excel in Corrosive Environments

EXAIR’s 303SS Threaded Line Vac Air Conveyors feature a stainless steel construction for high performance in corrosive, high-temperature and hygienic environments.

Jorgensen EcoFilter Conveyors Improve Chip Filtration

Jorgensen designed its EcoFilter Conveyor to separate fine metal chips from coolant, reducing maintenence downtime while requiring no consumables.

EXAIR's FullStream Liquid Nozzle Simplifies Conic Spraying

EXAIR’s 3/8 NPT FullStream Liquid Nozzle provides up to 250 PSIG liquid pressure in a conic shape at up to 800°F.

Leading Companies Launch Manufacturing Cleaning Association

Gardner Business Media and other leaders in manufacturing have established the Manufacturing Cleaning Association to establish standards and spread knowledge.

Saint-Gobain Abrasives' Safety Website Focuses on Specifics

Saint-Gobain Abrasives’ new safety resource microsite offers data sheets and videos to help Norton customers maintain safe conditions while using its abrasive products.

Durable Exair Power Supply Eliminates Shock Hazards

EXAIR’s Gen4 Four-Outlet Selectable-Voltage Power Supply includes multiple design features to enhance durability and eliminate shock hazards.

Clemco Debuts User-Oriented Pulsar Plus Blast Cabinets

Clemco’s Pulsar Plus line of blast cabinets includes a variety of user-friendly optimizations the company believes will increase productivity and worker comfort.

System Combines Spray and Ultrasonic Aqueous Cleaning

Rotosonic cleans heavily soiled parts in a single machine, rather than purchasing a spray cabinet and an ultrasonic machine separately.

Customizable Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems on Offer

Omegasonics is now offering ultrasonic cleaning machines that are completely customizable.

Component Cleaner Offers Volumetric Flow of 48 L/Min.

BvL Oberflächentechnik’s Geyser unit removes swarf and firm burrs with its high-pressure pump, generating a water jet which is used for cleaning, deburring and paint stripping, depending on the requirements.


November 2018 Product Spotlight: Cleaning and Deburring

This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on equipment used to finish parts by removing burrs, oils and other contaminants.

Stainless Steel Air Jets Resist Corrosion, Heat

Exair’s 303SS air jets are designed to provide reliable and efficient blowoff and cleaning within corrosive, high temperature or washdown environments.

Ultrasonic Cleaning System Improves Chemical Compatibility

IMTS 2018: Cleaning Technologies Group’s GMC stainless-steel ultrasonic cleaning system achieves chemical compatibility with aggressive caustic and acidic agents. 

Dry Ice Blasting Reduces Downtime, Improves Part Quality

IMTS 2018: Cold Jet’s i3 MicroClean dry ice blasting technology is a non-abrasive, non-conductive cleaning method that does not use chemicals or solvents.

Cleaning System Performs Ultrasonic Cleaning, Rinsing, Drying

IMTS 2018: Miraclean’s parts-cleaning system, the Cube 2, offers an automated line in a small footprint to provide ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing as well as high-efficiency drying.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Units Clean 3D-Printed Parts

IMTS 2018: Omegasonics’ 1900BT and 1900BTX ultrasonic cleaning units enable cleaning of 3D prototype parts.

Ultrasonic Cleaning System Provides Easy Mobility

Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics, a division of Cleaning Technologies Group LLC, introduces the stainless-steel GMC Ultrasonic Cleaning System for cellular aqueous parts cleaning.

Kyzen to Co-Host VOC Compliance Seminars

The two Clean and Green events aim to provide members of the metal parts manufacturing industry with a review of changes in solvent regulations affecting parts cleaning.

Omegasonics Opens Second Production Facility

The expansion is driven by the company’s growth and new product releases.

Additive Manufacturing

Detergent Dissolves Additive Support Material Quickly, Cleanly

The liquid detergent removes delicate support material from pieces that use 706 material.

Air Gun Removes Dust, Static Electricity from Parts

Exair’s new Ion air gun removes static electricity, contaminants and dust from parts prior to labeling, assembly, packaging, painting or finishing.

Ultrasonic Cleaner Handles Large, Heavy Parts with Pneumatic Lift

Omegasonics, a manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning systems, has introduced the PowerLift 4560, large-capacity ultrasonic cleaning system with 6,000 W of peak ultrasound.

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