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If you’re like most job shops, you have some of your smartest people spending countless hours costing jobs only to land a third of your bids. Perhaps worse, you’re not entirely sure which jobs or customers are making you money, and which aren’t. Volume is not the issue, it’s margin that really matters and many shops struggle to figure out where they need to concentrate to the earn the most profitable business.

The good news is that there is technology available today that automates much of the estimating process, allowing quotes to be generated in minutes rather than hours. As well as saving valuable time, it allows shops to be more responsive where being first to quote can be the key to landing new business. This technology also enables rapid collaboration between shops and their customers as well as internal production teams so that delivery times can also be reduced. This is what Paperless Parts does.

But better estimating and collaboration technology is only part of the means to achieving a more profitable enterprise. The strategies shops employ to guide their selection of high-return work – both in jobs and in customers – is also critical to maximizing a job shop’s profit potential.

In this Knowledge Center, Sponsored by Paperless Parts, you’ll find critical insights into both the strategies and the enabling technologies of quoting necessary to achieve a more profitable job shop.

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