Job Shop Resources

Use these resources for deeper insights into the best practices of job shop estimating and what manufacturers today really want from their parts suppliers. Plus, you’ll find more useful tools to help with marketing and understanding your costs.

2020 Part Buyer Expectations

To help job shops understand how to support the changing needs of part buyers, Paperless Parts surveyed more than 400 part buyers on their preferences for finding, selecting, and working with job shops.

The 5 Best Practices of Quoting

Invest the next 3 minutes and review the 5 Best Quoting Practices – proven to save shops time, ease client communications, and simplify quoting to drive more business.

7 Deadly Sins of Quoting

Every job starts with a quote. Quoting is one of the most critical functions in a job shop. Winning more quotes is essential to getting more revenue. Explore the pitfalls of quoting in The 7 Deadly Sins of Quoting for Job Shops and learn new strategies on how to avoid them.

3 Things Job Shops Can Do to Build a Marketing Presence

Machined parts buyers often begin their search for new suppliers by turning first to Google. Here are three things job shops can do to enhance their Web presence for these unseen prospects.

Job Shop Rate Calculator

It’s easy to think you’re doing fine on range of work when in fact some jobs are losing money. Use this easy calculator to help figure out the minimum amount you need to charge to break even.

The Costs of Additive Manufacturing

It is paramount to understand the cost drivers associated with any manufacturing process. Calculating a breakdown and understanding cost levers is the first step in finding innovative ways to enhance your operation’s efficiency.