Today's Quoting Issues

Profitable and efficient quoting in today’s accelerated business climate requires both good technology and good strategy to generate the best return for your business. The articles linked on this page cover some of the most critical issues to understand and achieve that goal.

Learn these key points and you are on your way to building a more profitable shop.


CNC Machine Shop Captures Its Conversations

This shop found a way to make job quoting a better, faster process. The next step was improving shop communication.

Sometimes No-Quoting RFQs is Essential for Efficiency

Accepting only RFQs that work toward a company’s goals and learning how to manage those efficiently can build better businesses and customer relationships.

Let’s Finish Closing the Quoting Gap

Mark Albert

Sharing accurate, timely and actionable data is the key to an effective, respectful relationship between a machining job shop and the subcontracting finishing shop. Software that streamlines the quoting process can make this happen.


How Job Shops Can Generate Accurate Estimates in Minutes

New geometry-driven quoting technology lets job shops generate estimates in as little as 15 minutes. It enables them to respond faster to RFQs, drastically reduces time wasted on jobs they don’t get, and lets them focus on more profitable work.

How to Optimize Quoting with Geometry-Guided Automation

Automated quoting improves efficiency, reduces bottlenecks, increases production speed and trims costs for mold builders.

Why Fast Quoting Delivers Better Business Opportunities

Shops that can’t respond quickly to RFQs may be spending hours quoting jobs that are already gone. It’s wasted time and lost opportunity. Here’s what you can do about it.