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Take a Deep Dive in Quoting Strategy with these Webinars

The most successful shops have a well thought out strategy for what kinds of business and customers they should pursue and which they should avoid.  A big part of that is having good data that helps quickly visualize the most profitable jobs from both time and materials perspectives. Another key is focusing the “soft” time of estimating on what really matters which doesn’t mean pre-engineering every job just to create a quote. These Webinars give valuable insights into these issues, plus how to quickly generate quotes solely from PDF part documentation.

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Strategic Quoting

Having a quoting process that is driven by data allows shops to quote strategically and achieve greater ROI.

The Over-Engineered Quote

Technology can turn data generated in the quoting process into a valuable resource for future business activities and reduce time spent over-engineering quotes.

Quoting from a PDF Drawing

Quoting and estimating from PDFs is difficult and time-consuming, with the risk of inconsistent and inaccurate quotes... until now.

Part Buyer Expectations: 2020 Survey Results

To help job shops understand how to support the changing needs of part buyers, Paperless Parts surveyed more than 400 part buyers on their preferences for finding, selecting, and working with job shops. Learn how your shop can stay competitive and grow its business.