Step 3: Follow Up and Outreach

This piece of the marketing strategy is often the most-overlooked by small manufacturers. The reason is simple – once a buyer selects a source other than you or a customer’s contract has ended, you are likely motivated to move onto the next thing. It’s what manufacturers do – solve problems, and move on.

But in marketing, it’s important to manage the life of a lead, prospect and customer, beyond the moment or event – because, as all manufacturers know, things don’t always go as planned. The choice that buyer made 2 months ago that you’ve forgotten about is likely to encounter a supply chain disruption and must find a solution quickly.

By maintaining outreach with leads regularly (but not too frequently), you’ll remain in their minds and increase the likelihood that you’ll be one of the first called to help solve a problem.

This is called branding, and it’s crucial for your business to maximize the return on your marketing investment. These tools are excellent sources & channels for you to maintain the conversation and keep your prospects up to date about your business, and why you’ll make a great partner.

Follow Up and Outreach – Tactics

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