The INTEGREX i-Series Multi-Tasking centers bring together extreme versatility and accuracy for manufacturers of mid-size to large, complex components. The i-Series of machines falls into Level 4 of Mazak's Five Levels of Multi-Tasking.

Achieving and maintaining higher accuracies are accomplished through several design features including Mazak's unique roller cam drive for the rotating B-axis. It features scale feedback, rigidity and no backlash while reducing friction. Machine turning spindles, milling spindles and X-axis core ball screw utilize temperature controlled circulated oil to enhance thermal stability. In addition, milling spindles are monitored for heat, vibration and displacement as a preventive measure through the Intelligent Performance Spindle (IPS) module.


Integrex e-Horizontal Series . A true fusion of a CNC turning center and full 5-axis machining center, the INTEGREX e-SERIES performs Done-In-One production on large parts with complicated geometries.



Integrex e-Vertical Series offers a large range vertical turning plus prismatic, angular and sculptured shape machining..