The QUICK TURN NEXUS Series delivers Multi-Tasking capability with milling and turning in single part setups. Power and speed is increased in virtually every category. Plus, the machines come equipped with the Matrix CNC control, featuring simple, smart conversational programming, complete with monitoring and diagnostics. Any way you look at it, the QTN Series is an excellent way to improve your throughput and profit potential.


The Hyper Quadrex is designed for a wide range of bar work machining with maximum bar work capability of Ø2.56", with both upper and lower turrets with Y-axis and two spindles. Easy conversational programming for both upper and lower turrets and main and second spindles thanks to the Mazatrol Matrix CNC. Intelligent functions provide smooth machine setups and effective machining as well as productive unmanned continuous operation when used with a bar feeder and work unloader.


This Multi-Tasking, dual-spindle machine makes the Multiplex a smart choice for mid-sized lot production. You can use both spindles to machine the front and back side of your parts, including milling, for Done-In-One, single-setup production. Thanks to identical performance of both spindles, you can also use them to simultaneously cut two parts at one time. Their synchronized rotation delivers high-accuracy for operations like shaft work. Plus, there are many options available for unmanned production like bar feeders, cut feeders and gantry robots.