Why Invest in Mazak?

Our Commitment to Uptime!

>> Unattended machining = more part numbers going across fewer machines for a longer number of hours.

As production systems become more efficient, the impact of having a machine down is greatly magnified. Any interruption to work flowing through the shop can have a significant impact on operations. Mazak's substantial and continuous investment in spare parts fulfillment ensures the fastest possible reaction to the unexpected to keep your facility running smoothly. We offer:

  • Latest AS/RS Technology Installed
  • $65 million parts inventory
  • Average 97% Same Day Parts Shipment
  • Call Center Open Monday-Saturday
  • After Hour Parts Shipments
  • Web Based Parts Ordering

>> Done-In-One. The role of Multi-Tasking Equipment

More parts today are designed to be produced only on select types of equipment. As our partner, we will work side by side to discover how you can achieve a successful Done-In-One approach to attain:

  • Profit. Cash flow considerably improves.
  • Lower Direct Expenses. Machines are reduced from four to one, fixtures from six to one.
  • Lower Overhead. Operators and attendant benefits are reduced from four to one.
  • Part Quality. Going from six setups to one greatly reduces accumulated precision error.
  • Lower Indirect Expenses. Having a single machine uses floor space more effectively, environmental impact is reduced, and movement of material through the plant is made more efficient.