Multitasking Benefits

Multitasking potentially provides any or all of these benefits over processes relying on more conventional CNC machine tools:

Reduction of part cost—Factors to consider when calculating the cost benefit of a shift to multitasking (read more)

Increased part accuracy—Error stack-up from multiple machines goes away when there is only one machine tool with one machining cycle (read more)

Reduced floor space—Discover real space savings by consolidating machining operations using multitasking machine tools (read more)

Increased throughput

Produce parts on demand—Improved cash flow, survive with a smaller backlog

Fixture reduction—Reduce or eliminate complex work fixtures and reduce tooling redundancy

Unattended operation—Conducive to running unattended because of single-point load/unload

Setup reduction—Reduced part handlings, use fewer machines

Reduction of non-value-added time

Lead time compression

Increased safety for heavy workpieces through reduction of part movement.

Better monitoring of machine utilization

Machine the part complete—Potentially including even hobbing, gear cutting, grinding or polishing