Increased Part Accuracy from Multitasking

Consolidating machining operations from multiple machine tools into one multitasking machine improves machining accuracy. The graph below illustrates this—error stack-up from multiple machines goes away when there is only one machine tool with one machining cycle. This accuracy improvement has many positive implications. They include:

  • Freedom to improve component designs—Make them mechanically or ergonomically more efficient
  • Built-in geometrical inconsistencies no longer needed—Remove allowance for mismatch, for example
  • Create complex part geometries in one operation—Advantages include fewer fixtures and less tooling
  • Faster product development—Test designs and alter them quickly and easily for faster time to market
  • Design less expensive components—Create an integral gear or spline, for example, without manufacturing restrictions due to the kinematics or capability of the machine tool
  • Control datum dependency