Multitasking and North American Manufacturing

Multitasking and North American manufacturing are a close fit. Determine the type of work that is likely to remain in North America rather than being offshored, and nearly every case, that work is a good candidate for producing on a multitasking machine tool.

  Stays in North America Sent Offshore
Military, Medical, Aviation, Oil  Most likely  Least likely
Volumes  Low to Medium  High
Feature complexity  Complex  Simple
Material property  Hard  Soft
Size  Large, heavy  Small
Features subject to change  A lot  A little
Intellectual property control  Important  Little control
Workpiece value  High  Low
Chance for producer to influence
part design
 Possible  Unlikely
All of the attributes of work in the "Stays" column are also attributes of work that is well-suited to multitasking!