Multitasking: User Comments After 1 Year

“I never realized how much sleeping inventory I had until I got rid of it.”

“I never realized what sleeping inventory was until I got rid of it.”

“I never realized how much of a job’s overall cycle time was outside of the part’s cutting time.”

“At the end of the day, I never seem to add value to the part when I move it.”

“If any errors have been made in programming, tooling or setting up the machine, they are usually caught by the second or third piece so that corrections can be promptly made."

“Even with part probing, my overall takt time is quicker using Multi-Tasking.”

“Buyers who want me to ship short in a crunch are pleased to find out I can.”

“It’s cheaper to standardize on larger diameter bar stock and just turn waste into chips and produce rectangular parts out of solids.”

"Maintaining large inventories is becoming a thing of the past. In an effort to reduce inventory costs, customers want to hold off taking delivery of parts until production is ready for them”