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These articles address individual manufacturing challenges overcome with the use of high-performance machining technologies, automated systems, and experienced engineering and integration services. Find out firsthand how Makino technologies and services can improve your production environment.

Statistical Process Control for Precision Machining
In a manufacturing age of limited resources and rising costs, machining decisions made on probabilities, as opposed to limits, can offer a significant benefit. By implementing modern statistical process control (SPC), which involves the gathering and analysis of data to determine which machining process is most suitable for a workpiece, machinists can ultimately improve quality and reliability, and reduce operating costs.
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Manufacturing Engineering Services from Makino
Today’s global economy puts fierce pressures on manufacturers to reduce costs, shrink lead-times and respond quickly to customer needs, especially in the ongoing race to quote and win new automotive contracts and part programs. At the same time..
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Integration Services Support Pursuit for Perfection
When the annual production volumes of your manufacturing system exceed 1.5 million parts and required takt times are 30 seconds or less, you look for every process advantage. Learn More About Integration Services

Metal Technologies Inc. Embraces Automation
Competition from overseas has forced many automotive manufacturers to find an extremely delicate balance between cost-cutting and profitability. Some automotive manufacturers have abandoned the market altogether, creating opportunities for second-tier manufacturers to compete for more contracts if they’re willing to rethink their processes.
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Automation Improves Capacity, Productivity and Consistency at Cincinnati Mine Machinery
Cincinnati Mine Machinery produces a variety of OEM and replacement components for several of the world’s largest mining equipment manufacturers. Cincinnati Mine Machinery began researching new production machining technologies that would enable it to improve throughput and maintain higher consistency in its part quality. The company’s solution was the installation of...
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Methods, Machines and Manpower for Lean Cellular Manufacturing
MacKay Manufacturing had a history of steady growth from its inception in the 1950s as a high-mix, low-volume job shop. As competition began to rise and the slowdown of 2001 pummeled many in manufacturing, the shop witnessed decreasing profits and saw no signs of a quick bounce-back. MacKay turned to Makino HMCs and automation to deliver lean solutions.
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Busting a Bottleneck
Twin Disc turns to a Makino MMC2 solution to keep up with incoming business as fast as it comes in the door. Twin Disc was experiencing first-hand a problem in which many other shops in the U.S. are struggling. A particularly important process was hindered by worn-out, inefficient equipment.
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