Eliminating Scrap

It doesn’t matter how many parts a company produces if quality standards are not met. This is particularly critical with modern production applications, where accuracy and quality requirements have become increasingly stringent. To meet these demands for repeatable quality, manufacturers require advanced machining technologies offering an ideal blend of speed, precision and reliability.

The foundations for all machine performance lie in the spindle and base casting of a machine. A rigid machine platform with robust spindle design and thermal management capabilities can take on heavy cuts in tough materials day in and day out with stable, repeatable results. This inherent stiffness and heat mitigation remove vibration and distortion from the cutting process.

High-precision capability is designed into Makino machines through extra-rigid base castings and sophisticated thermal management of key machine components. The result is sustained dynamic accuracy and repeatability that reduce and eliminate rework and scrapped parts.

Machine control software is another key feature that helps to maintain precise and reliable cutting performance. Advanced control systems, paired with tool and part monitoring technologies, provide enhanced visibility and control of cutting processes. Such systems remove concerns about adjusting offsets and checking for broken tools, leading to worry-free unattended operation.

Automating a machining system is another way to provide stable repeatable processes. Utilization of standard design elements ensures the part is loaded, processed and removed the same way each and every time. Adding robot integration also eliminates variability.

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