North American Manufacturing Will Continue to Thrive with the Right Tools

Productivity has never been more essential to the competitiveness of North American manufacturing. The financial gains from using low-cost countries for production are shrinking, energy costs are declining, and a rapid surge in technological innovations is causing many companies to realize the advantages of re-shoring and reinvesting in their domestic operations. Additionally, several high-impact industrial segments including automotive, aerospace and medical recognize the value of their local supply chains and the protection of their intellectual property and are staying stateside.

Even so, many North American manufacturers struggle to ramp up production capacity fast enough to meet market demands. They also realize that the practice of squeezing every ounce of production from outdated equipment is no longer a cost-effective solution, nor does it provide for a competitive manufacturing advantage.

This scenario presents manufacturers with one of their biggest challenges—making the correct investment in machining technology in order to ensure their productivity and profitability. Technology has become the core enabler for the global competitiveness of North American manufacturers as customers expect higher levels of efficiency through shorter part cycle times, better quality, improved workflow and management of part costs, regardless of order quantity.

The manufacturers that are able to meet today’s customer demands are those that invest in such advanced manufacturing technologies. They know this technology is driving a fundamental shift from traditional manufacturing methods to advanced manufacturing capabilities. Through such advanced manufacturing, North America will successfully meet capacity demands by automating machining systems, maximizing throughput and productivity, improving quality, eliminating scrap and rework, reducing labor and cutting varied materials without limitation.

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