Maximizing Uptime

Increasing manufacturing capacity begins with selecting a machine tool that offers maximum uptime and reliable performance, because each additional day, hour, minute or second that a machine remains out of the cut, manufacturers lose productivity and efficiency. This is why equipment is needed to handle aggressive 24/7 production schedules with little or no interruptions or unplanned downtime.

Advanced machining technologies are also designed to not only improve speed during cutting processes but also reduce the time spent performing out-of-cut processes, such as workpiece changeovers, tool changes, rapid movements, and spindle acceleration and deceleration. While the timesaving resulting from these processes may seem small, the frequency at which they occur can stack up quickly. Eliminating them can add up to tremendous timesaving.

An effective production machine tool should offer guaranteed reliability and low maintenance that keeps the labor force focused on productivity, not repairs. An exceptional technical support network must also back the machine. Don’t fall prey to flimsy guarantees with free part replacements, because typically the amount of profit lost as a result of extended downtime is going to far exceed the cost of a replacement part. Remember that warranties are not insurance policies against downtime.

Makino machines have earned a long-standing reputation for exceptional reliability and maintainability that eliminates unplanned downtime. Productivity and reliability are the core drivers behind the design and manufacture of Makino machining centers. With rapid tool changes, axis movements and spindle acceleration/deceleration rates, Makino customers experience dynamic increases in production efficiency with competitive cycle times and maximum throughput. As a result, Makino machines hold long-term residual value and outstanding performance for years after final return on investment.

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