Productive VMC Features for Job Shops

Tens of thousands of machine shops are located across North America, and each year, on average, these companies purchase upwards of 6,500 vertical machining centers from more than 260 different machine builders. With this volume of purchasing and variety of machine options, it’s critical for machine shops to understand and carefully assess the seven critical machine features that possess the greatest impact on productivity and profitability.

The core competency of any machine tool is its ability to cut metal. Therefore, one of the most important features to evaluate on any vertical machining center is the spindle. A productive vertical machining center should have a robust spindle design with wide-ranging characteristics, including exceptional horsepower, superior torque and wide-ranging spindle speed. This level of spindle capability can enable companies to cut a wide variety of materials, reduce cycle times, lower production expense, shrink delivery times and increase profitability through lower part costs.

Learn more about vertical machining center spindle design as well as the other six critical machine features for job-shop productivity in the complimentary webinar below.

Webinar: 7 Ways to Improve Vertical Machining Center Productivity in Job Shops ​​