Optimizing Processes with Real-Time Production Monitoring

Advancements in computer networking and control software are enabling today’s top shops to run at higher efficiencies than ever before via real-time production monitoring. By networking machines together and employing sophisticated monitoring software, manufacturers have better visibility into their production processes, meaning companies can quickly identify bottlenecks and solutions for enhancing productivity.

One of the most beneficial features in any monitoring software is the ability to track and analyze machine utilization data. With this data, manufacturers can evaluate cumulative or individual machine productivity reports, including details on in-cut time, out-of-cut time, alarms, maintenance and hold time. Over time, operators and management can begin to identify when, where and how bottlenecks arise, and as a result, adjust production processes to improve machine utilization and reduce cycle times, producing more parts per day for a faster ROI and lower cost per part.

To learn more about the features and benefits of real-time production monitoring software and how it can be implemented into your shop floor, check out the complimentary white paper provided below.

White Paper: Measure to Improve –Identifying Solutions Through Real-Time Production Monitoring