The TRAM3 ’12 International Conference brought together people interested in making industry even more innovative.

As technologies continue to advance, new materials, machining processes and manufacturing methods are used in an attempt to get maximum performance for minimum cost. At the same time, industrial structure has changed and there has been a move from large companies designing, manufacturing components and assembling to one of large global supply chains headed by large system integrators.

All these changes have forced engineers and managers to bring in innovations in design, materials, manufacturing technologies and supply chain management. Here are the presentations from this dynamic exchange of ideas.

The most effective way to expand machining capacity is to reduce cycle time and setup time. How can we cut faster in exotic metals? How can we do more with each setup, and how can we find and eliminate the sources of delay that impede machining efficiency?

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The performance of an aircraft is largely determined by the possibilities of its materials. For the latest alloys and composites, what is the promise of these materials and what are their challenges? How do do we realize the potential of advanced material properties?

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Manufacturing is bigger than any one process or facility. How do the pieces fit together? In aircraft manufacturing, the most important advances come from seeing how new processes affect the enterprise, and how separate facilities can better share knowledge and coordinate resources.

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