Meet a Manufacturing Engineer
An engineer with GE Aviation describes the work she does and why she finds her field rewarding.

What Is It Like to Study Manufacturing?
A student project team at a community college illustrates the learning and experience involved in preparing for a manufacturing career.

Meet a Manufacturing Student
Rock Valley College student Sara McKee describes her interest in manufacturing and her study of manufacturing engineering technology.

Manufacturing a Career with Sandvik Coromant
The manufacturer of cutting tools describes the many manufacturing career opportunities it offers.

Young People Finding High Paying Jobs in CNC Machining
Watch video from NBC’s Today show about young people pursuing skilled work in CNC machining instead of opting for a four-year college study.

Manufacturing Life: Cane Creek
Here is an example of a manufacturing business and the professionals who work in it. Cane Creek is a cycle components specialist in North Carolina.

Manufacturing Life: Aerospace
Here is a look at the range of critical manufactured parts in the aerospace industry, and the kinds of challenges that the many manufacturing professionals in this industry take on every day.

Video: Meet the MT Ambassadors
AMT—the Association for Manufacturing Technology produced this video to introduce its “MT Ambassadors,” young manufacturing professionals making the case to other young people about the rewards of manufacturing careers.

“Hyperspecialization” is Coming
The current challenge in finding skilled manufacturing employees is probably the prelude to a much more dramatic shortage. In economies around the world, the retirement of Baby Boomers will lead to more and more retirees being supported by fewer and fewer in the workforce, until the ratio bottoms out at fewer than 2 working people for every 1 retiree.

Looking Ahead: Future Challenges
Advancing economies and the move into cities are creating a demand for materials that will reshape manufacturing around the world. Watch this video about the opportunity and challenge today’s young manufacturers will face during their careers.

Manufacturing Technology Example: Gear Milling
New technologies are changing the way that gears are manufactured.

Manufacturing Technology Example: Turning Steel
“Turning” is the process of cutting a rapidly spinning metal part. See footage of a tool delivering strength and wear resistance for turning steel.

Manufacturing Technology Example: Thread Whirling
Thread whirling is a manufacturing process that is used to make the surgical screws used to mend broken bones.