5ME Launches Website for Freedom Software

The website features a calculator to estimate ROI and return on asset, as well as details on the software.


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5ME (Cincinnati, Ohio) has established a website dedicated to its Freedom smart manufacturing platform. Launched this month, freedom-iot.com features an ROI calculator that is configurable for each customer’s manufacturing landscape. Users can input the number of assets, overhead rates and work hours to get an estimate of ROI or return on asset (ROA) by translating the increased overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of implementing the software. The site also provides details on the platform’s six smart manufacturing modules, case studies and a free 30-day trial.

The Internet-of-Things platform is designed to monitor any asset in order to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies and provide operational intelligence for part quality, efficiency, and streamlined maintenance. According to the company, deployment of the 24/7 monitoring software is low-cost and can be completed in days. It is customizable and can monitor assets individually or as parts of a cell or production line. 

“Monitoring shop assets and acting upon captured data has a huge impact on production efficiency,” saysExecutive Vice President Jeff Price. “We’ve documented improvements of up to 50 percent due solely to implementing our Freedom smart manufacturing platform.”

The software modules are designed to require no special engineering and are accessible on any device with a web browser. The software also integrates with other business software systems, and has a Certificate of Networthiness from the U.S.government.

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