AAT, DMG MORI Co-Develop On-Machine Measurement Software



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Applied Automation Technologies Inc. (AAT) and DMG MORI USA Inc. have partnered on the development of on-machine measuring software. The product will be offered within DMG MORI’s Qualified Products program. 

The software was developed to meet the needs of so-called smart manufacturing best practices, particularly the ability to perform coordinate measuring machine (CMM) measurement and other metrology tasks. The product, CappsNC, is described as providing the capability to quickly develop measurement programs off-line and run them on CNC machine tools in a similar way to a CMM. Measurement results are used to adjust machining process parameters such as work offsets, dynamic tool compensations and other critical data feedback in an automated process, together with providing complete part inspection and SPC reports.

AAT’s CEO Ray Karadayi says, “This is a vital step in the digitalization of the manufacturing process, which enables parts to be manufactured with the highest level of precision with full confidence directly from the machining center. This partnership is great news for the manufacturing community, as AAT and DMG MORI will jointly provide a complete solution allowing customers to achieve their manufacturing goals with less effort and lower costs.”