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Aerospace Manufacturer Whitcraft Group Acquires Form 3D

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The Whitman Group has acquired Form 3D Solutions to provide additive manufacturing for the aerospace industry and others.

The Whitcraft Group, a precision manufacturer for the aerospace industry, has announced the acquisition of Form 3D Solutions (Dover, New Hampshire). Form 3D is an additive manufacturing and engineering company specializing in developing and producing precision titanium and nickel alloy parts using 3D printing.

“Many people think of 3D printing as only involving various types of plastics. That is not the case,” says Doug Folsom, Whitcraft CEO. “Form 3D has clearly demonstrated a unique ability to manufacture parts that meet the extreme precision required in the aerospace industry. We look forward to introducing the Form 3D team to aerospace manufacturers throughout the world.”

Form 3D founder Joe Gabriel says, “All of us at Form 3D are delighted to become part of the Whitcraft Group. Whitcraft’s long established, deep relationships with many of the world’s largest aerospace companies gives Form 3D an entrée into this vital and growing industry.”

“More and more industries, including aerospace, are looking to additive manufacturing as an innovative way to reduce cost and improve performance of manufactured products,” adds Mr. Folsom.

The Whitcraft Group is comprised of Whitcraft LLC, Connecticut Tool & Manufacturing, Berkshire Manufactured Products, AcuCut and now Form 3D Solutions. 

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