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11/30/2017 | 2 MINUTE READ

America Makes Declares 2017 MMX Event a Success

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The conference brings together its additive manufacturing members to network and review technical content.

America Makes reports that its 2017 annual Members Meeting and Exchange (MMX) event, held November 15-16 in Youngstown, Ohio, was a success. Driven by the National Center for Defense Manufacturing and Machining (NCDMM), the organization is a collaborative partner in Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology research and innovation. Each year, it hosts the MMX event to bring its member community together in Youngstown and impart the latest information on the industry. During the conference, members report on and review technical content as it relates to AM research projects while networking and collaborating.

America Makes Executive Director Rob Gorham says, “I would absolutely characterize the MMX event a resounding success. The MMX agenda was tailored for both America Makes and non-members with engaging presentations on the latest America Makes initiatives, as well as topics impacting the AM industry at large.”

This year’s event was focused on the progress of developing and growing a comprehensive and globally competitive American AM infrastructure. Attendees learned about the advantages of domestic sources of equipment and support, as well as supply chains of high-quality materials and services. Attendees also discussed the importance of a skilled workforce capable of executing and exploiting the capabilities and advantages of AM.

Jason Rodriguez, Vice President and Head of Global Education and Market Development at HP Inc., gave the keynote address on how today’s organizations understand the benefits of partnerships between public and private entities in driving economic value. Jim Williams of All Points Additive, and Jim McCabe of American National Standards Institute discussed the importance of the Additive Manufacturing Standards Collaborative (AMSC) and the need for convening standardization bodies within the AM industry.

Mr. Gorham and America Makes Founding Director Ralph Resnick, who is also NCDMM President and Executive Director, presented the America Makes Distinguished Collaborator Award to Mr. Williams and Mr. McCabe for their leadership on the development of the AMSC. The organization also announced its Ambassador Program, recognizing individuals who demonstrate outstanding dedication to the group’s mission.

America Makes Workforce and Education Lead Vicki Thompson addressed the initiatives underway to engage and establish an AM workforce of the future. She was joined by Anthony Hughes, Founder and President of the Lanterman Group, who presented the latest on ACADEMI, a comprehensive set of immersive training experiences that provides an advanced, hands-on AM curriculum.

Dr. Brett Conner, Director of Advanced Manufacturing Workforce Initiatives at YSU, announced the launch of the organization’s Hybrid Manufacturing Working Group, created to accelerate the adoption of hybrid manufacturing of functional metal products with a focus on integrating AM with more traditional production processes.

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