AMEXCI and SLM Solutions Partner to Promote Metal AM

AMEXCI and SLM Solutions have partnered to promote industrialization of metal additive manufacturing, starting with AMEXCI’s investment in the SLM 500.


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An image combining the logos of AMEXCI and SLM Solutions

AMEXCI and SLM Solutions have partnered to boost industrialization and support companies in successfully implementing AM technologies for serial production of complex metal parts.

Having worked together for some time we are happy to take the next steps and further strengthen the cooperation between AMEXCI and SLM Solutions as we see their technology as a strong complement alongside our existing collaborations," says Edvin Resebo, CEO of AMEXCI. “Regarding the industrialization of AM, we see a growing potential in the Nordic region for the coming years. From an AMEXCI perspective, SLM Solutions showcases a strong understanding of what’s important and what needs to be in place for AM as an industrial manufacturing process.”

AMEXCI will use specific case studies to evaluate Additive Manufacturing and test the competitive industry advantages of different machines and technologies from SLM Solutions. Additionally, AMEXCI will evaluate SLM machine NXG XII 600 for industrialized series production.

“AMEXCI works with a wide range of industries, especially in the Nordic region,” says Sam O’Leary, CEO of SLM Solutions. “We are proud to contribute as a solution partner to support and to realize AM business cases of their customers, from prototype up to serial production. Providing consulting services throughout the customer's AM journey is one of SLM Solutions’ goals in this partnership.”

At the heart of this partnership is AMEXCI’s investment in the SLM 500 selective laser melting machine from SLM Solutions. SLM Solutions says its machine is the first quad-laser system on the market, and recommends it for rapid, cost-effective production of large metal parts. The machine’s multi-laser overlap design with up to four 700 Watt lasers is meant to increase efficiency. SLM Solutions also says the ability to change the SLM 500’s build cylinder minimizes machine downtime, maximizes productivity and reduces cost per part.


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