Archive Features Over 60 Instructional Videos on CAM Software


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MecSoft Corp.’s CAMJam 2018 is a video training companion for the company’s VisualCAD/CAM, RhinoCAM, VisualCAM for Solidworks, and AlibreCAM milling modules. It consists of a video archive of training sessions conducted by company support staff, including all videos from the 2017 version, as well as updates for 2018.

Don LaCourse, senior application engineer at MecSoft, says, “We’re very excited about our new CAMJam 2018 video archive. It builds upon previous versions and now includes videos on all of our CAM modules including Mill, Turn, Nest and Art. It also includes five-axis milling and multi-axis robot machining, and links to our Learn CAD/CAM blog series.”

Key features of the archive include over 60 instructional videos, a PDF document that enables video retrieval and access to all of the source part files referenced in the videos. 

The archive covers a range of topics. It discusses automatic feature machining tools, what’s new in 2018 and best practices in 2½-axis and three-axis machining. It also addresses machine setup, stock and geometry considerations, and indexed five-axis setups. Two- through five-axis machining strategies are covered, as well as creating user defined form tools for custom 2½-axis profiling operations. The archive features videos on postprocessor generators; setup for multiple axis milling; implementing custom tool libraries and rules-based machining knowledge bases; implementing user-specific defaults databases; using machining regions and control geometry; and viewing, simulating and editing toolpath operations.


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