Autodesk to Host User Group Meetings Introducing 2018 Software Versions

The meetings introducing the new releases of FeatureCAM, PartMaker and PowerMill mark the one-year anniversary of Delcam’s integration into Autodesk.


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Autodesk will be hosting a series of User Group Meetings in the United States and Canada to mark the one-year anniversary of Delcam’s integration into Autodesk. The program at each event will feature comprehensive technical sessions on the latest technology in the 2018 releases of FeatureCAM, PartMaker and PowerMill.

The major new update in all the 2018 product releases is a new ribbon-style user interface, which is something the team has been working on since Autodesk acquired Delcam in 2014. The new ribbon offers a new look and feel designed to make CAM programming easier for new and existing users.

At the user events, senior technical personnel will discuss these latest developments and will be on hand to answer technical questions. A complimentary lunch buffet will be provided to all registered attendees as well as a chance to win a free training class.

The event dates and locations are as follows:

August 8, 2017

Haas Factory Outlet (Nashville, Tennessee)

Autodesk - Pier 9 (San Francisco, California)

August 10 Autodesk Office (Novi, Michigan) 
August 15

Ellison Technologies (Houston, Texas)

CNC Machine Services (Snohomish, Washington) 

 August 17

Methods Machine Tools (Sudbury, Massachusetts)

Ellison Machinery (Tempe, Arizona) 

August 22

Ingersoll Cutting Tools (Rockford, Illinois)

Renishaw Canada (Toronto, Ontario)

August 24

CFP Neufchatel (Quebec City, Quebec)

Megatel CNC (Windsor, Ontario) 

August 29 Gosiger West (Cypress, California)

For details and to register, go to autodesk.com/dm-events.

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