Automated Precision Inc. Rebrands Globally as API

Automated Precision Inc., now API, is shifting its product focus to measurement for smart manufacturing. 

Automated Precision Inc. has announced a global rebranding. The company name has been changed to API in recognition of the fact that the abbreviation is more familiar to its global customer base and industry peers. The change also signals a shift of emphasis to smart manufacturing.

For more than 30 years API has manufactured laser-based equipment for measurement and calibration.Founder and CEO Dr. Kam Lau invented the laser tracker while working at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This development enabled the determination of industrial robot accuracies, the company says.

Dr. Lau says, “API measurement and calibration products are at the heart of manufacturing organizations worldwide, ensuring product quality and performance. With the advent of smart factories, API is more focused than ever on providing tools for the enhanced performance of manufacturing processes by reducing process variation.”

The rebranded API, with its updated corporate identity, has also added a new product philosophy tagline, “Nothing Beyond Measure,” to promote company focus on delivering smart manufacturing measuring solutions. As a part of the global rebranding program, the company has launched a series of new products, including the CheckBox Smart Factory Inspection System (SFIS) and an updated series of Radian Laser Trackers said to offer lighter, more compact and accurate trackers.

A new website,, has been launched together with an additional dedicated website,, for its accredited measurement and calibration services.