Big Kaiser to Host Breakfast-and-Learn Event

The three-day event will include breakfast, technical presentations and tours of the company’s showroom.


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Big Kaiser will host its sixth annual Breakfast & Learn event May 8-10, 2018, at its facility in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. The event is scheduled to coincide with DMG MORI’s Chicago Innovation Days, which is located next to Big Kaiser.

The company will provide a complimentary breakfast each morning at followed by technical sessions. 

Below is an overview of the presentation schedule:

Tuesday, May 8

Topic: “Higher Productivity Milling with Advanced Cutter and Tool Holding Technology”

Presenter: Cory Cetkovic, applications engineer and product manager at Sphinx

Companies purchase high-performance milling centers with the intention of increasing throughput and workpiece quality. To achieve this goal, they must change traditional methods and tooling, especially when working with hard metals and/or high-speed cutting. Mr. Cetkovic will outline the advantages and disadvantages of each type of toolholder and offer suggestions for applying them for optimum output and quality.

Wednesday, May 9

Topic: “Digitally Connected Tooling Systems”

Presenter: Matt Tegelman, applications manager and product manager at Modular Systems

Digitally connected tools offer several advantages for machining processes, such as improving assurance of correct sizing adjustments, providing data on past adjustments and displaying real-time data on cutting conditions. Attendees can learn how these tools assist in giving a real-time assessment of productivity and improve decision making for future planning.

Thursday, May 10

Topic: “Five-Axis Workholding”

Presenter: John Zaya, applications engineer and product manager of workholding at Big Kaiser

Five-sided machining requires versatile and functional workholding products that provide interference-free spindle-to-workpiece access. Programmers, fixture designers, and manufacturing engineers with limited exposure to five-axis machining can learn more information and helpful tips about workholding systems to maximize and simplify machine setup.

In addition to the presentations, visitors can also tour Big Kaiser’s showroom, which is equipped with tool presetters, tooling displays and zero-point workholding solutions. Doors will be open all day long for visitors to stop by and talk to engineers about tooling solutions and needs.

Attendees can visit Big Kaiser’s website to register.

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