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Camfil Appoints Executive for Air Pollution Control Global Business Unit

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Alain Bérard has been with the company for 21 years.


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Camfil (Jonesboro, Arkansas), a manufacturer of air filtration, dust, mist and fume collection equipment, has appointed Alain Bérard to the position of Group Executive Vice President in charge of the Air Pollution Control (APC) global business unit. In his new role, Mr. Bérard will be responsible for developing and supporting the growth of the APC unit around the world.

Mr. Bérard has served with Camfil for 21 years in various top managerial positions. As Group VP of Sales and Marketing for 10 years, he grew the company’s sales by 100 percent and achieved significant profitability for the company. For the last four years, he has been in charge of Camfil’s global product portfolio, R&D and communication.

“As the leader of the APC Group, I want to drive and support its global growth in a sustainable and profitable way, with a focus on our customers and prospects, our sales partners and our staff,” Mr. Bérard says.

Graeme Bell, Vice President of Camfil APC Americas, added, “Alain has been a long-time supporter of the APC unit, and we look forward to his leadership in growing APC business in line with Camfil’s global strategic initiatives.”


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