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9/19/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Cimquest Expands Its Mastercam Territory

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The company also no longer represents Stratasys products.


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Cimquest Inc., a provider of manufacturing products and services and a Mastercam reseller, announced in August the expansion of its Mastercam business territory. Accordingly, Cimquest has taken over Fisher Unitech’s Mastercam business in Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia for Mastercam sales, support and services. The deal significantly expands Cimquest’s Mastercam customer base and sales territory, which now stretches from Virginia to Maine.

As part of the expansion, the company has brought on Brian Brown, Tony DiSanto, Chris Jepson, Andy Lowry, Todd Patterson, Jeff Reiser and Mike Steelman to its team. With the addition of the Fisher Mastercam technical team, Cimquest says it will be the largest Mastercam support organization in the world.

“With our expanded customer base and team of experts, we are now going to be able to provide a complete range of solutions and services unmatched by any other CAD/CAM CNC support organization in the world,” says Rob Hassold, CEO/Founder of Cimquest.

Mastercam President Meghan S. West says, “Cimquest has been a trusted and loyal reseller since 1990. We are both confident and pleased for the customers in their expanded territory.”

Fisher Unitech will no longer be representing Mastercam, and Cimquest will no longer be representing Stratasys. This means that former Cimquest Stratasys customers will be supported by Fisher Unitech. Cimquest will be announcing new 3D printing partnerships in plastics, metals and other materials in the near future.


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