CMM Products Announces Expansion into Southeast Market

CMM Products is expanding into the Southeast market to better support aerospace and automobile customers.


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A partial screenshot of CMM's brochure, examining one of CMM's Renishaw solutions

CMM Products is expanding to the Southeast to support the automotive and aerospace industries.

“CMM Products has been supporting customers’ metrology needs on the West Coast for the past 35 years, specializing in Zeiss, Mitutoyo, LK, Wenzel and Brown & Sharpe CMM repair, relocation and calibration services,” says Perry Spataro, CEO of CMM Products. “In addition, CMM Products is a certified Renishaw CMM retrofitter and reseller of pre-owned CMMs.”

Spataro says the company’s customers have been increasingly requesting CMM Product’s services outside its traditional West Coast region, and recent expansions from the automotive and aerospace industries into the Southeast – such as Boeing’s announcement that it would consolidate 787 Dreamliner production in South Carolina – made following them a logical choice.


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