CNC Software Inc., Edge Factor Collaborate in 2015

The two companies will partner to produce content for Edge Factor’s EduFactor suite as well as events such as Manufacturing Day.


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CNC Software Inc. (Tolland, Connecticut) has announced that it will be partnering with media company Edge Factor throughout 2015. Edge Factor produces media that tell the stories of manufacturing teams that design and build products, some using CNC Software’s Mastercam technology. Each show is designed to reach a large demographic on multiple platforms through TV shows (such as “The Edge Factor” and “LaunchPoint”), educational curricula and events.

All the media produced by Edge Factor forms the foundation of its EduFactor suite of multimedia resources for STEM educators and business leaders to teach and inspire the next generation of advanced manufacturers. According to CNC Software, users of the suite can see Mastercam’s influence throughout, including some media developed by CNC Software employees.

In addition, the two companies will collaborate for Manufacturing Day, scheduled for October 2, 2015. The event celebrates modern manufacturing with activities specifically targeted to youth and students. CNC Software says that it is dedicated to getting today’s youth interested in manufacturing, and together with Edge Factor, hopes to inspire students to look at manufacturing as a rewarding and exciting career path.

Edge Factor, visit edgefactor.com.