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CNC Software Inc. Opens Public Beta for Mastercam 2018

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The beta version already contains dozens of new features that beta users will test drive in coming months.


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Related Suppliers

CNC Software Inc. (Tolland, Connecticut) has opened the public beta for Mastercam 2018 to all currently maintained Mastercam customers. This means that shops all over the world now have a chance to test-drive the beta version of the CAM software before it is released for the purpose of providing feedback to help shape the final product.

Participants will get an early look at a number of new tools for simple to complex applications, among them, 2D/3D milling features that are said to improve toolpath efficiency and control, design improvements simplifying CAD for CAM, and an expanded Multiaxis feature easing the programming of complex parts and improving workflow.

Visit mastercam.com for more information about the beta release.


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