Datanomix Expands Fusion Software in November Update

Datanomix’s November update for its Fusion software includes several new productivity features like quote calibration and job scheduling predictions.


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A partial screenshot of Datanomix Fusion's user interface

Datanomix says the November update of its Fusion software puts production data in context for industrial manufacturers.

Datanomix says its Fusion software is the industry’s first hands-free, plug-and-play production monitoring solution that requires no operator input or ERP integration, and automatically benchmarks and scores running jobs using only data from the manufacturing equipment itself. In addition to job performance intelligence, the company has launched new capabilities that bring simplicity and improvements to both operations and planning functions, which are historically challenging areas for factory leadership.

The latest product release introduces new functionalities. As part of the Fusion “coffee cup” reports, the system automatically emails users every morning at 6 a.m. with a digest of key information and insights. Quote calibration measures the actual cost of machining based on real performance, better enabling shop owners to understand job margins and quote accuracy. Job scheduling similarly uses real data to track and predict job execution schedules across all of a shop’s machines. Factory Floor TV Mode broadcasts real-time job performance scores and statistics across the factory floor, enabling personnel to better prioritize and respond to areas needing attention.

“The response to our ‘no human input, no ERP data required’ approach has been resoundingly strong, and on the heels of that success, customers have asked us to expand the reach of our platform into other factory pain points, particularly around operations and planning,” says John Joseph, Datanomix co-founder and CEO.

Datanomix offers a subscription pricing model for its Fusion software. As the company adds new features, they automatically arrive in customer portals upon release. Datanomix also says product installation is simple and non-intrusive, especially as Fusion does not require human input or ERP integration.